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Conseil en image
Image counselling for individuals means learning to appreciate yourself and optimise your assets (your looks, your style and your elegance).
“Learn to love yourself, to optimize your beauty, style and elegance capital and to bring out your personal assets.”
After a first assessment session, your image coach will (together with you):
  • Define and refine your personal style
  • Determine your facial and body morphology, the colorimetric of the person
  • Optimize your hairstyle, make-up, clothing
  • Advice about the most suitable fabrics, lengths of clothing, choice of accessories,
  • Help to (re)compose the personal and professional wardrobe,
  • Offer a personalized shopping.
It is important to be aware that the image that you portray is not necessarily the image that you think you portray or the image that is perceived by others.
Image-coaching allows finding harmony between your outside image and your inner-self.
Atout Image offers several formulae adapted to your needs and your budget.
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