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Conseil en image
The image of your personnel is part of your communication to the outside world; to your clients, your suppliers and your entire network.
Each company has an own identity, a history, and its own codes which are real social signals allowing identifying a job, its qualities, its credibility...
Staff members are transporting the image of a company to its clients, suppliers, networks…
In universities, schools, knowledge and technical skills are being taught but rarely students get trained in behaviouralskills!
Success is equally linked to knowledge and techniques than to social skills (behaviour, presentation, politeness, decency)
In 60 seconds…
  • your personnel is sized up, evaluated
  • your company is judged       
  • your clients get a positive impression… or a bad one                                  
Tic tac, tic tac… 60 seconds, it is very short and yet has a long impacting influence on your company’s image.
I propose to accompany your staff individually or in groups in workshops or seminars and to valorize their development in your company.
The objectives of such sessions are to:
  • Develop the potential of the person,
  • Develop the person’s charisma, leadership,
  • Re (gain) self-confidence,
  • Boost the person’s capital in « class, beauty, elegance »,
  • Bring out the personal assets for generating more success,
  • Get an integration lever for the company,
  • Gain well-being and good morals.
My tools:
  • Workshops, trainings, seminars, tailor-made services.
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